The Charity's Grants

All applications are treated confidentially.

The Trustees are able to award grants for educational and charitable purposes and welcome applications from residents of Twyford, Ruscombe and Charvil who are in need of financial assistance.
Grant applications are considered at the next meeting of Trustees, except in exceptional circumstances when a sub committee meeting may be called.

Grant applications fall into 3 areas:

  • Educational Grants – for persons under the age of 25, cover assistance with the purchase of books and tools which are essential for the completion of courses of training at university, college, or other recognised educational establishments, including apprenticeships.
  • Charitable Grants – are made for assistance in the case of personal hardship or special need where financial resources are not available.
  • Village Organisations/Associations Grants – are available to organisations and associations running in Twyford, Ruscombe and Charvil for the benefit of the residents.

Contact us to apply for a grant or for more information.